Slide Shows 2
The "Thumbnails" show up to 20 pictures per page (5 cols X 4 rows).
If the first page has only a vertical row of thumbnail pictures,
it means there are that many multiple sets, of up to 20 pictures each.
Each vertical picture when clicked, will expand its represented set.
When a set is expanded, selecting any individual picture from the set,
gives an option at the top, to browse directionally thru all pictures.
When viewing the Slide Show content,
Select the Slide Show "House Picture Icon"
or the top-left-corner  "Back-Arrow" to return here.
To Save any selected picture to your computer,
right click, and choose "Save as" with destination.
"Userid / Password" required to access Slide Show sets.
"LACMN" members may use the same Key Entry
as currently needed to access "Pictures" for "Members".
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